Opportunities with PRO-Driver

We are seeking applications from those who have all the appropriate skills for carrying out a challenging but satisfying role as a member of a team delivering cars all over the U.K. Please call recruitment on 01162 777774 and press option 4 prior to completing the PDF application form below.


To be successful in this role an applicant would be expected to meet high requirements in the following areas of expertise:

The ability to drive different types of cars safely, with a well developed sense of road awareness – applicants will have to undergo a driving assessment
Customer service skills which enable the driver to cope with a wide variety of situations. Interpersonal skills need to be well developed.
Completion and dispatch of paperwork accurately

Successful applicants will receive full training and induction before going on the road, including a day’s training at our HQ in Bulkinton and spending a day on the road with one of our mentor drivers. At the end of the training session our drivers are issued with a work phone, trade-plates and uniform.


As self-employed drivers, PRO-Drivers will be receiving an income which is very competitive compared to others working in this industry.